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Welcome To Messianic Singles!

Quick Start In 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Click Here To Sign Up. To Join The Messianic Singles Community.
  2. Go to your email inbox; the email you used in step 1, and click the activation link. (Check your spam, junkmail folder too and whitelist us to make sure it doesn't happen again. Simply reply to that email if you need help with whitelisting or something else.)

Very Important

In order to complete the registration you must be able to receive an email from us. You must follow the link in the email to complete registration. Please put our address on your "allowed list" if needed. Mark it as "not spam" if needed. Otherwise you will not be able to complete registration. Please do this before proceeding to ensure a smooth registration. Click Here for more step by step instructions

Approval Forms (such as Earthlink uses)

If your email client automatically sends out a form for approval, you will not be able to register. The forum software cannot fill out forms. You must make sure the email with your account activation link will be able to get through before you press agree. 

AOL Users

AOL is notorious for bouncing your emails without your knowledge. AOL email is a webmasters nightmare. If you don't believe this, read this topic. Believe me, it happens all the time. You must be sure you can receive the registration email.

What to do if you don't receive your registration email within an hour or so.

Very simple, contact us using the contact us link in the top menu of any page.

Try Messianic Singles For Yourself.  
There are members from Canada, the USA, UK, South Africa, Australia and the rest of the world! 

This site is for Jewish and Gentile Messianic singles to be able to meet and get to know one another. We also welcome Israel vision people. We do our best to screen applicants and remove people who are not truly who they say they are. This ensures that our site is integrity based.  We honor your privacy and your real name, phone number, address and email will never be shared or displayed publicly.

Whether you believe in Messianic dating, Messianic courtship or Messianic betrothal... it's a place for you!

Messianic Singles Testimonial

From One Of Our messianic singles, Bright Eyes: "Messianic Singles has really blessed me. If it wasn't for the fact that it offers me the ability to reach people for free, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Also, as I was looking for a site to safely meet other messianics and hopefully find a husband, this was the only one that could help me. And I'm glad to see that they are growing and improving even more! Whenever I had any questions, Jannie quickly helped me. I have met some great people all because of joining this site! And I feel so blessed by God to have them in my life now... Thank you!"

Anyway, messianic singles has recently moved to this improved site from our old web address. Our "old members" (or current members on the old address), are creating new profiles on this improved website. Your username and password for the old site won't work here unless you register and create a new account on this website.

Simply now create an account and click the activation link which we email you.

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  • The resources mentioned in the video are listed on this page: 
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  • For mobile messianic singles: Your mobile menu is on the top between the two panels.

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