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Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses one could establish the truth so don't just take my word for it see what our users say:

From One Of Our messianic singles, Bright Eyes: "Messianic Singles has really blessed me. If it wasn't for the fact that it offers me the ability to reach people for free, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Also, as I was looking for a site to safely meet other messianics and hopefully find a husband, this was the only one that could help me. And I'm glad to see that they are growing and improving even more! Whenever I had any questions, Jannie quickly helped me. I have met some great people all because of joining this site! And I feel so blessed by God to have them in my life now... Thank you!"
Bye For Now!

From: Marie (Joy,Peace,LOVE)
Date: Thu, Mar 24,
2016 at 3:08 PM
Well, I would like to send you a "happy" e-mail... I signed up a few days ago for the sale. Thank you so much!!! And it is very thoughtful of you to send our so many reminders and even a last chance e-mail. I can't thank you or God enough for the friendships I have made through Messianic Singles. God bless you.  


From: Rebecca 
Date: Thu, Mar 24,
2016 at 11:49 PM

Thank you so much.  That would be so helpful.  I am going to need to get help from someone who knows computer technology to help me to upload a photo unless there is an easy way to transfer my photo from the old website.  

I genuinely appreciate your kindness.  You are generous and thoughtful.  

Thank you! 
Bye For Now!


From Lisa

Shalom everyone,

I want to give a testimonial.....and I hope I'm in the right place to do so....Jay and I met on this site in February, and we got married!!!! So happy, Yahweh put it together in the most fantastic way and brought us the desire of our hearts, each other!  After being single for 8 years and trying to find a match myself, I really just got very content with my life as a single person.  That is when God can really move on your behalf.  I wrote out a lengthy list of my desires for a mate and hung it on my prayer wall.  Then I just gave it over to God, saying I'm really content as a single person and could remain so the rest of my days (age 60 currently) if that's what you want of me Yah.  Within 6 months he brought me Jay, the most amazing match.  Blessed by Adonai forever, he hears prayer

Shalom to all the searchers here, trust inn Adonai with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.


Front Range Yahweh Trusting Woman

PS  I will gladly forward photos of us if moderators of this site wish to use.
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