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Dear Dad, I Always Wanted To Ask You...

You get basically three types of males

  1. Boys (0-13 years old)
  2. Adult boys and (13-120 years old Rebels, “Alpha males”, gangsters, etc)
  3. Mature men (13-120 years old)

You see, to make the transition form boyhood to manhood the boy must die. You need a father figure that can initiate you into manhood. Someone who can help you through the transition.

Most boys' story is: Mom is busy and dad is absent.

Dad & Mom might still be married, but dad is not too involved. He is absent, since he work or out with they guys.

Single mothers also fall in this absent dad category, since the dad get to see the child once in a while.

That is why you get grown boys that never grow up. They grow older, but they don't grow up. A great mother cannot help a son to manhood. Just like a man cannot bring a boy into the world a woman cannot bring a boy to manhood.

These boys become the “beggars" or "bullies” in relationships.

The “beggars” let women, and almost everyone else, push them around, they are the “nice guys”, the “people pleasers”, “The doormat”, etc.

The bullies obviously are abusive. They beat their wives, and are prone to anger and violence.

Woman might marry one of these adult boys, but soon they lose their attraction for them. Hence the high divorce rate, and high amount of rebound relationship.

Anyway, here you can ask any questions that you still want to ask your dad, so that one of our more mature men can answer that for you. Even mature men have questions other mature men can answer.

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