Discover What Happens Behind The Scenes - One World Religion, ISIS & New World Order.

Watch CNN for details.

3 Videos about who is behind the Chaos in the world. The Details You Can Watch On CNN as It unfolds...

(Watch video 3 to discover how all the secret societies link / relate to each other)

It is not necessary that you watch all of them today, just watch now one and next week or so do the other one.

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Behind The Scenes *

"7754 - Behind The scenes," Watch this video to see who are the "powers that shouldn't be" also know as the "deep state". 

The Islamic Connection*

See how the same people are also behind ISIS, in this video: 216 - The Islamic Connection / Total Onslaught - Walter Veith

The Sustainable Princes*

See the legal documents (legal structures, laws, etc) that give them the power and authority to kill your mother, you and your children or whoever they want to in this video:

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