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Press The Play Button In The Middle Of The Above Video To Watch It, Please.

This Is The Instructions. This Is Not The Registration Page. The Below "Froms" in Dashed Lines, will NOT Work, Since It Is Pictures Of The Acctual Form On The Next Page

This Is To Help New Members That Might Not Be Very Computer Literate.

Below You Will Find The Instructions And On The Next Page Is The Actual Registration Form.

Very Important For Cellphone and Tablet Users
Some Phones Give Challenges. Please try a computer if your phone gives you challenges with the registration form. For instant access please use a computer.
Alternatively, register manually via email. Contact us for a form that we can send to you. It takes longer but can be done if you have no access to a computer

Very Important Email Verification For All New Members

In order to complete the registration, you must be able to receive an activation email from us. This is how we make sure scammers don't use fake emails.

You must click on the link in the email to complete registration.

Please put our address on your "allowed list" if needed. Mark it as "not spam" if needed. Otherwise, you will not be able to complete registration.

Please ensure you can receive emails from us before proceeding to ensure a smooth registration. Click Here for step by step instructions on how to whitelist us.

Approval Forms (such as Earthlink uses)

If your email client automatically sends out a form for approval, you will not be able to register. The forum software cannot fill out forms. You must make sure the email with your account activation link will be able to get through before you press agree.

AOL Users

AOL is notorious for bouncing your emails without your knowledge. AOL email is a webmaster's nightmare. If you don't believe this, read this topic. Believe me, it happens all the time. You must be sure you can receive the activation email.

What To Do If You Don't Receive Your Activation Email Within An Hour Or So.

Very simple, contact us using the contact us link in the top menu of any page.

How To Register For Only $8.12 Per Month

$195 / 24 months = $8.12 per month

As you might see, the longer the cheaper.
The 24 months access comes with a 30-day guarantee, so that you could try it Risk-Free
30 Money back

How To Create Your Membership:
When you open the Register page (see button at the bottom of this page), then follow these steps:
Tip: Keep both windows open so that you can read here while you complete the form. That way you can refer back to this page as needed)

Step 1:

Complete your details in the form (on the next page) and when you come to the prices just click on the down arrow next to the price.

Then it gives you options similar to what this picture shows:


Then select the membership you want.

Step 2:
Make sure you have the right payment option or gateway selected.
By the way, this is 
not an automated subscription which means you have full control

Step 3:
Click The "Continue Purchase" button to complete your registration it will take you to PayPal's website for the payment it looks like this:


Messianic Singles Register

Thank you for reading the instructions now Click Here to go to the registration page.