Quick Start

  1. Click Here To Sign Up. On The First Sign Up You Join The Messianic Singles Community and that is only the start.
  2. Go to your email inbox; the email you used in step 1, and click the activation link. (Check your spam, junkmail folder too and whitelist us to make sure it doesn't happen again. Simply reply to that email if you need help with whitelisting or something else.)
  3. Click Here To Fill In Your Profile So That You Show Up In The Search Results To Improve Your Chances Of Finding Someone Who Are Looking For You. (Note that you must activate the account by selecting the activation link when you get the email, from step 2, before you can login.)
  4. Search (Radius Search Only Works If You Filled In Your Google Maps Location In Your Profile and depends on your membership plan.)
  5. Start Interacting: Chat using the messages and shoutbox, Join a Game Night Group (Click Here To Join), write a blog (Click Here To See How Easy That Is) on your favorite topic. Read and comment on other members' blog posts. The way potetial friends / spouses can get to know you. You can also send, hugs or a wink.
  6. Feed the goose that lays the golden eggs: Now Upgrade Your Membershi By Clicking Here [It Has Even More Valuable Features Like Shoutbox & Game Night (Click Here For More Information)]


  1. You can also see what type of membership he has on his profile. (Only paid members can see full profiles.) That way you can see if he is really that rich guy he claims to be. Don't give your email to people, they can contact you on here so that you can avoid spam and fraud attacks.
  2. If you want to find someone near you but no one is on the site, some tricks you can do:

    Place a Newspaper and/or Kijiji advert, poster, notice board post, email, facebook post etc that reads something like this:

    Sabbath Keepers Wanted For Fellowship and instead of your private information, give them a link to the site. That way, you will pick them up in the radius search and you can progress with caution. If they are not your type, know one will know who placed the advert and you can back out. If they are your type, Congrats! Just search regularly to see who responded to your advert.

    The more specific the better. Mention your town's name instead of a phrase like "in this area".


    Sabbath Keepers Wanted For Fellowship, Preferably Singles In Brantford. Join http://www.messianic-singles.com/ for more information.

    You never know who will respond, and if they are not your type, they might be glad you invited them here and they can meet other people. That way, it is a win-win arrangement for all involved. 

  3. If You Make Your Profile Privacy “Only Friends”, You Don't Show Up In Search Results And No One Else Can Read Your Profile. That Means You Have More Control. Which Means You Can Search And Add Friends To Talk To, And Be In “Stealth Mode”. You can  change that by going to Infobar (Click Here For More Infobar Information)>> View Profile >> Profile Settings >> Profile Online Status >> Choose “Only For Friends” and Click Update Settings

  4. At The Bottom Of Someone's Profile There Is A Section Titled: “Interact” There you can:
  • You can also send, hugs or a wink.
  • Click On “Report” To Notify Us Of The Offenders / Scammers. You can report everything, posts, messages, profiles etc.
  • Then You Can Click "Block User" If You Want To Weed Them Out.