Q: Do we have to make a new profile from scratch, if we move from the old website?

A: Yes please, the old website don't even allow us to make a back up, so we can't move it from our side. Sorry for the inconvenience. An Easy Way To Copy your profile form the old site is in this video: http://www.messianic-singles.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=41

Q: I filled out my profile completely and Iost everything I had typed out! 

A: I can understand that that would be discouraging, we fixed the problem and please consider downloading and installing the "form resurrection program", so that something like that never happen to you again, never on any website: It is Lazarus Form Recovery Extension here is a video about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmcYFlU6Gc0 you press a button then it put everything you have posted before back. It is available for a lot of browsers.

Q: I have a question about memberships. On the Free Membership, does it mean that you can send and receive 10 messages a month? Or that you can only keep up to 10 messages and replies in your inbox at a time, and would have to delete previous ones to keep just 10?........... And on the Starter Membership, that's upped to 25 a month? Is this right?

A: That is per day. The amount of messages you can send, as stated on the membership plan, is the amount you can send per day.

Q: I was wondering, will the old site be shut down when the new one is launched?

A: The old website will not be supported anymore, since it doesn't have a way that we can add any search feature. The new website do have that and what is a singles' website without a search feature anyway? 
Nobody wants to go through a 1700+ profiles (that is how many profiles are on the old site) and then discover the person is already married, but his profile is still up and then go through them again.
To make things easier for singles, we will focus on one website that is up to date. The new site allow us to add our own programming.
Anyway, you might want to check out that great search feature here:
There is also a shoutbox, that you can use to chat with the whole group that is online. There is so many features that make the search for a spouse, a much more pleasant experience.
Q: How do I add friends?
A:You just click on a user and then on "ask for friendship", link on the bottom of their profile.