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Messianic Singles’ Commitment
  1. Messianic Singles is committed to providing a safe meeting place for Messianic singles looking for a spouse.  We do our best to prevent hackers and false members from bothering our members.  We rely on our members to report inappropriate or suspicious behavior. 
  2. Messianic Singles will limit the number of ads that appear on our web pages.  We have no desire to make our members feel bombarded with advertisements.
  3. We charge a smal fee for membership on this site, and we appreciate donations, to help balance the scales. If you feel called to include Messianic Singles in your will, we will gladly recieve such a blessing to further our service to the community.  
  4. Messianic Singles is open to ideas and values the opinion of their members, please feel free to contact us with any concerns or comments that you may have.
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