Just the other morning we got another email from a user where one of the free site's members, tried to get her banking details. Therefore, we are considering stopping new members from joining the Free Dating Site on http://messianicsingles.webs.com/

With the improved membership site, we put a lot of hurdles in front of fraudsters and spammers. On the site we can block them and blacklist them, on the old site we can only delete them, that allows them to come back. Again and again, we have to boot them off. 

It is not necessary that you now join  http://www.messianic-singles.com/, just be careful of the old Free Dating Site's recent members. We kicked the fraudster off and are busy removing all the sign up links.

Many of you know of the user that we kicked of and blocked so many times, he / she just comes back with another username: Sophie, Sophie Love, Miss. Coulibaly etc.

Our solution is to stop membership sign up to the old website http://messianicsingles.webs.com.

Therefore, to meet new people you might now want to tag along with me to the registration form by clicking here