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How To Chat In The Live Messianic Singles Chat Room

A good time to chat is on Sabbaths and the day after it. On weekends Messianics tend to hang out here. Somedays are quiet and others are better. So in case you find the chat room a bit empty, be sure to check back later. As you can see on the user statistics at the bottom of the page, we have more than 300 members and you won't be disappointed. It is just a matter of timing.

You have to be logged in to see the chat room, it is not open to the public.
It is a premium feature and with memberships starting from $5 per month it is well within everyone's budget.
It is included in all paid memberships, and 
you can use it as a live basic chat. 
Free members can read what others say, but they can't send messages with it.

From time to time we have promotions and allow free access to people, in case you clicked on an expired link that led you here. It was free at the time we had the promotion and it might be free in future if there is another promotion. So sorry in case you clicked an expired link.
It will appear just above this, on top of this page.

It contains a text field where you can enter your message and a "Send" button next to it. On the upper part of the module you will see all the messages written by you and other users, clicking on a user's name will open his profile.

Picture of how the chat room looks to logged in members on top of this page:
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