Do you ever think to yourself...'if only?'

If only I had a better car, I would pick up people and drive them around.  

If only I was married, I could do more for the kingdom of YHWH.

If only I had a better job, I could give more money to help people.

If only I had a nicer house, I could have more people over.

One of the best stories in the scripture is when Moses is before YHWH and he asks Moses, 'what is that in your hand?'  YHWH is not blind, he knew what was in Moses' hand so why did He ask?  I think it is a lesson to us that YHWH will use whatever we have and do great things with it.  I have found myself in situations where there was not enough prepared food for a crowd at Shul (I help in the kitchen) and the phrase, 'what is that in your hand?' comes to mind.  I look in the fridge and cupboards and put a bit of this and that together and come up with more food.  Sometimes, people drop in on me and I feel that I am not prepared.  I hear, 'what is that in your hand?' and somehow I can come up with a meal for them.  Many times in my life, YHWH has used the little I had and, like the boy's lunch that Yeshua blessed, it has become enough to feed everyone.  

If I waited until I felt that I was adequate or that I was adequately supplied, I would miss out on many blessings and be very ineffective.  When I started Messianic Singles, it was a freebie website with a small amount of space and it grew slowly at first.  NEVER despise small beginnings!  Remember the servants and the talents.  If the servant with the one talent had just used 'what was in his hand', he would have not been called evil.  It is interesting that he was considered evil for not using what he had but rather hoarding it.  If we do not use what little we have, it will be taken away from us and given to those who are using what they have.  To sit there and say, 'if only' when we already have so much is not right!  

Are you able to walk?  I know people in wheelchairs who are able to accomplish much for YHWH

Do you have a house?  I visited people who lived in shacks in Brazil who shared what they had with me with joy

Do you have a car? I know people who have to take the bus everywhere who show up every week for shul and midweek services. What's your excuse?

Do you have money in the bank?  I know single mothers living on social support who are raising children and they still open their homes to others and share what they have.


Can you understand my point?  If you are procrastinating about reaching out in any way, you will be held accountable for it when you stand before YHWH.  You do not need a lot to be useful...simply use that which is 'in your hand'.  With just a staff Moses was used of YHWH to do many miracles.  The boy's lunch fed 5,000+ people and Gideon conquered an army with some clay pots, torches and trumpets.  David used a slingshot to defeat a giant everyone was afraid of.  Surely, many of us can say that we have more resources than these people had - we should be able to do that much more with YHWH's help!  

Stop saying 'if only' and start using what you already have been given.