At the end of August 2011 we met online here at Messianic Singles. Interest was sparked right away as we realized how unusually alike our beliefs were. For both of us, there has been the great desire to meet someone who shares a solid  understanding of the faith we now share together. Through our online contact we were able to build a strong foundation as we learned and explored our faith and beliefs. Already, a love that is formed from that common bond was taking hold in our hearts. A closeness that rarely comes from months of the traditional idea of the coffee shop style of dating. With nothing to distract us, we could go deeper into the heart of who the other is. And so the bond, which is the cement that holds it together, was quickly formed.

We talked almost every night, and as the time for Sukkot approached, we decided that it would be a great place to meet for the first time. So we met at the airport and we spent Sukkot with David's friends and family. It was a good place to meet and see how well we blend as a couple. It was really nice having nothing but online contact to set the foundation, then being able to build on that in person, sharing laughter and jokes and quiet times together.

We are now engaged and plan to marry during Sukkot next year.

We would like to thank Erinia (Erin Kühn) for the hard work and dedication she puts into keeping this site going so that we have the opportunity to meet others of the same faith in Elohim.

Blessings, David and Beth