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In this introduction Video We cover

  1. the basic features of the website and
  2. show you an easy way to move your profile to the new site as well.
  3. How to find someone close to you.

The Resources I mention In The Video:

Improved website (This Website)

Old website
If You didn’t get the activation email just email me or use a different email to sign up with
Tom1245 is not showing

Lazarus Form Recovery Extension: here is a video about it

You can use your old username and password or create a new one.
Copy From Old Website
Ctrl+C = Copy
Ctrl+V = Paste
Ctrl+A = Select All
Ctrl+Z = Undo
Ctrl+S = Save
Upgrade membership
1. Free
How To Make Profile Picture
1. Libraries\Pictures
2. Make sure it is right side up
3. First upload
4. Edit photo

How To Search

How To Find Support  
Articles Blog

Info Bar
Game Night