Only members can read this. This is not public knowledge.

Please keep this only among us. Since a tactic known is a tactic flawed. We don’t want to tell the scammers how we get them off, so that they don’t learn how to outsmart us.


One tip I can share with you is to use the messaging system on the site and never give your personal details to anyone, that way if we (or other members) sniff out a scammer we can block them and you are safe. But if he contacts you directly and we block him you will later discover that on your own and that might be too late.

Our members usually tell us when they notice suspicious users by reporting them that way the group benefit when we block them. So if you give your email or other details to other users we can not protect you.

Woman are usually very good with this and when two or more women contact us about their “faint suspicion” that so and so might be a scammer they usually are correct. So we can block him before it is too late. You know what they say about woman’s intuition?

Example Sue let us know that Pete is a scammer he did this and this. Then we investigate and find it so. While Pete was scamming sue he is also busy spawning a web to catch, Erin, Rebecca and other female users. But because of Sue’s great tip, we block Pete and Erin and the others just see this profile disappeared and they are save. Then the scammer might try to create a new profile and start all over again, but we block him again and he have to start over again and we limit the amount of damage they can do. Then usually they give up and go try one of those other free sites that allow every Tom Dick And Harry.

Anyway, what they do is they create a fake email, skype or facebook account and then send you their contact details or they put their email address in their profile, to display for us to see, the moment you email them they have your email address, and then you suddenly get SPAM or scammed, and you wonder, "where did they get my email address?" Rather, play it safe and email them using the site's messaging service.
That way we can block them.

Once in awhile an Username has to be changed to protect our members from this. We understand that some do it innocently because you just didn't know or forgot. Or older people entered their email on the wrong spot, so we don't judge you. You can still use your account with the new username.

If your username contained your email address and we restricted your account. There are unfortunately no other way, that is why we have that in the terms and conditions.