The Word of YHVH

As you and other Messianic Singles read here you will discover one of my favourite tools for scripture study. It's called e-Sword and some of it's plugins. You see e-Sword has it's own resources and you can add other bibles to it like the ones below, you won't find them on mainstream media. Or in the Babylon bookstore.

If you don't have e-Sword for your computer yet. Click Here To Get e-Sword Now

  1. The Restored Name King James Version (RNKJV) is now available for e-Sword: Click -> Download to get it now
  2. Click -> Download to get the RNKJV (for the old "version 8 and earlier" of e-Sword) 
  3. The RNKJV  for MySword on Android devices Click -> Download.  (install file into directory: mysword/bibles)
  4. Download the RNKJV now available for The Word
  5. The Large Print (Large Text) RNKJV is online at:   The Restored Name King James Version (it's free)

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