User Guide

Welcome! is Your Messianic Matchmaking and/or Networking Tool with all the common social interaction functions and more. You can search for a soulmate, friend or fellowship and more. Users can send each others messages, leave comments, upload pictures, leave ratings and interact by sending hugs etc.

After creating an account using the standard registration, click on Edit my Profile, complete the required fields, click on Update profile and get closer to finding a friend or soul mate. 

The profile status option allows you to choose whether you will appear online, online for friends or offline.

03 Date and Matchmaking profile status 

After setting up your profile you can go to My Photo Gallery where you can upload pictures and arrange them in the way you want them to appear when someone is browsing your gallery. The amount of photos you can upload depends on your membership plan, see the bottom for more about that.

 My photo gallery

Clicking on Add a new photo will open the explorer window where you can select the picture you wish to upload. To delete a picture click on the red delete sign over the picture. If you want to arrange the pictures in a particular order simply click and drag them in the order you desire then click on Save order. The first picture in the slide will also be shown as your thumbnail picture(the one other users will see first).

To view your profile with the information and avatar picture you have entered click on View my profile.

All the information about your profile can be found here, your Rating average and User comments. If someone posts a comment that offends you, you can click on Report comment and an admin will look into it. You can also delete any comment and post comments on your profile.

06 Date and Matchmaking comments

Interactions are ways to socialize and interact with other people.

When looking at other people's profile you get some extra interactions, like Sending a kiss, message, asking for friendship or even add the user to your blacklist/ignore list.

If you click on Ask for friendshipa message window will appear where you can write something for your possible future friend.
You can find your friends in theFriendspage found in the Member's menu, regular users have a limited number of friends depending on the administrator settings, to increase your friends list capacity a Membership Plan can be purchased. The friends list allows you to quickly locate your favorite users and send them messages.

The next interaction is Send a kiss, if you click on this the user will find Kiss in his interactions menu, where he will have the option to kiss you back.

If you find your Interactions tab too full, click on Empty list and they will be deleted.

Black Listing: Adding a user to your ignore list will automatically ignore all his messages and interactions towards you. To remove him from your blacklist go to Ignore list on the Menu and click on Remove User.

 When viewing another user's profile you can also rate it from 1 to 10, see other people who have rated it and how high they rated it.

The messaging system allows you to quickly interact with other users and friends, you can even choose to receive messages only from friends. The number of messages depends on your membership plan.

Message Inbox: Here you can see all the messages you have received, sent (in the Outbox), and also your friendship requests. Messages can also be deleted by clicking on delete or on Empty Inbox

To write someone a message click on New message in your Message page or on Send a message in the Interact tab while viewing their profile (this will auto complete the To: field).
Friends: This is your friends list, here you can see your friends, send them messages or break your friendship.
In the Pending requests tab you can see the request you have sent or received. You can View the message sent with the request, Accept or Reject the proposal. 
The Search option is a great way to search for a friend or your perfect match. Fill the fields with your personal data and what you wish to find in your future friend and press Search!
Searching for people: has three search versions, a quick search, match search and a radius search.
  1. The quick search form has works with the name, this is handy if you already know someone and want to check out their profile
  2. Search for a match has more criteria like: I am a (depending on the configuration of the website you will have to choose from Male or Female), Looking for a(Male or Female), and age filter, this will only show you Users that fit within your set values.
  3. The radius search help you find people around you, type the distance and then search.

The advanced search for a match form has all the quick form and many more options set by the site Administrator that can vary from City of origin to Job, basically anything the Administrator decides to include. So please suggest usefull fields.

All the search forms have display options for your search, they can be sorted by: Last Seen, Username and Age-Ascending or Descending. The search results will be shown in a list based on your criteria.
Membership Plans: Here you can find the membership plans and buy them, you can view the prices for each type and the period for which it will be active.
Having a membership plan is a must in order to get full benefit from the site, purchasing one gives you access to all of it's functions, more messages or unlimited messages, friends and photos.
To purchase a membership, click on it's price and you will be taken to the Buy Membership menu where you can select the desired membership and a method of payment currently only paypal.
Click on purchase to forward to the confirmation screen, then click on Buy Now to be directed to the Paypal site.