The Sure-Win Method To Find Someone Near You, Quickly!
Does finding a date make you nervous? What if it was easy? Imagine finding him/her, and having the means to contact and interact with that special one.
Wouldn't that feel great? Just apply this simple method, and you'll find that it will happen. Use the method below to start right now.
Anyway, when I became a Messianic believer I thought I was the only one in the world.
I didn't know that the “new" truth I discovered is actually a big community. One that seems to be extremely spread out.
Then I discovered that the others are just like me, the “messianic next door”. Some people are very close to you, but you just don't know them yet.
Here Is The Easy Way To Find Them...
This is a follow-up article on the Quick Start Guide at and you might also want to read that.

Anyway, assuming you have read the Quick Start Guide and still haven't found anyone yet...
or, i
f no one on the site is near you, here are some tricks you can try...

Place a newspaper and/or Kijiji advert, put up a poster, notice board post, email, facebook post, etc. that reads something like this:
Sabbath Keepers Wanted For Fellowship and instead of your private information, give them a link to this site. That way, you will pick them up in the radius search (Click Here For More Information) and you can progress with caution. If they are not your type, no one will know who placed the advert (especially if your profile is private) and you can back out. (While you wait for the next one.) If they are your type, Congrats! Just search regularly to see who responded to your adverts.
The More Specific The Better.
Mention your town's name instead of a phrase like "in this area".
Example In Red:
Sabbath Keepers Wanted For Fellowship, Preferably Singles, In Brantford. Join for more information.
You never know who will respond, and if they are not your type, they might be glad you invited them here and they can meet other people. That way, it is a win-win arrangement for all involved.
Other examples:
We made some examples on facebook that you can just share.
Example 1
Avoid Growing Old Alone! Find A Messianic Spouse Near You! Check my profile out on this site. (Click Here To Share This Sample On Facebook)
Example 2
Instant boost to your spouse hunting. Find A Fellow Messianic Believer Near You. Check my profile out on: (Click Here To Share This Sample On Facebook)
Example 3
End your worst nightmare now with a sure-win method to find a like-minded believer to marry. Join me on for more information.
(Click Here To Share This Sample On Facebook)
Ever wondered how you can find a Messianic spouse near you?
Check my profile out on:
Meet the perfect Hebrew roots spouse. Check out
Imagine finding a potential spouse in just 2 short weeks. Wouldn't that feel great? Just place the simple advert, and you'll find that happening. Use the samples above or make up your own to start right now.
What is most comfortable for you to start right now, to put up posters or to place online adverts?
Right-Click Here (and save link as) To Download the poster that you can print and start right now to put up near you.
How to do a facebook ad campaign.
You could also arrange with us when you want to sponsor a Facebook ad campaign in your area. It is really easy. You can just tell us what your budget is and how long you want us to run the campaign for you.
I want to donate $40 for a two-week facebook advert campaign in Texas targeting single messianic women 18 -28. 
I want to donate $100 towards a Three-week facebook advert campaign in North Dallas, Texas targeting single messianic men aged 40-50.
All you need to do is contact us and we will take care of the details for you. Click Here To Contact Jannie 

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