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Does making friends on the site prove to be a challenge? What if it were easy? Imagine finding him / her, and having the means to contact and interact with the special person.
Wouldn't that feel great? Just join the webinar, and you'll find that happening. Use the link below to register right now.
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Messianic Singles' “ask us anything” webinar, is just for you!


(A Webinar is just like watching TV. You just have to tune your computer to the right frequency. It's like a Skype/video call with more people. That is very easy, and if you would rather like to call us you can do that to and listen in like with a radio just over the phone.)

I can understand how difficult something is the first time you do it. For instance how we struggle to learn how to drive. Man, if I had not had someone showing me, I probably would never have got the hang of it.

Erin & I care about you, how can we make things easier for you? What can we do to help you?
Do you have speakers? Then it is easy to join us.
You can type your question or email it to us before the time so that we can give the answers to you on the webinar. 
If there is time we can unmute your microphone to ask us anything.

Topics You might want to ask About:
Long distance relationship challenges
Fears and frustrations. 

Some of the most common Fears & Frustrations:

  1. Don't want to be alone
  2. Fear the right person will never show up.
  3. Fear they will not meet or recognize the right person.
  4. Hard to find someone who agrees with their doctrine
  5. Hard to meet people who share their faith
  6. Too far & spread out
  7. Don’t want to spend too much money on a relationship only to be disappointed.
  8. Online Dating Stigma
  9. Fear they die before they have an offspring. 
  10. Fear they'll die, never having had intercourse.

Hosted by Jannie & Erin Kuhn For www.Messianic-Singles.com
Topic: Ask Us Anything
Time: Jun 12, 2016 5:00 PM (GMT-4:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Messianic Singles Live

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