Live Messianic Singles Sabbath Chat

What: Messianic Singles Chat
Where: Chat Room (Watch Above Video Or Click Here For Written Directions)
When: Sabbath

Tip: Say hi when you are in the chat room so that others can see what time you are usually online.

Hi there, Does making Messianic Singles friends prove to be a challenge? What if it was easy? Imagine finding him / her, and having the means to contact and interact with the special person.
Wouldn't that feel great? Just join the chat, and you'll find that happening. Simply follow the method below to start right now.

  1. Click Here To Sign Up and Join The Messianic Singles Community. 
  2. Go to your email inbox; the email you used in step 1, and click the activation link. (Check your spam and/or junkmail folder too and whitelist us to make sure you can chat. Simply reply to that email if you need help with white listing or something else.)
  3. Click Here To Fill In Your Profile So That You Show Up In The Shoutbox To Improve Your Chances Of Finding Someone Who Are Looking For You. (Note that you must activate the account by selecting the activation link when you get the email, from step 2, before you can login.)
  4. Login Sabbath, June 25, Live At 15:00 AM EST. See The counter to make sure you don't get mix up with the time zones.
  5. Find the shoutbox on the website and start chatting! Click here for more shoutbox help.
  6. How To Chat: See The Video above for detailed help.
  7. Use the Radius Search to find someone near you and send a private message. Search
Don't Miss Out On this Chat! This is the cheapest you will ever get it.
Sunday, after the 45 Minute Live Messianic Singles Chat, shoutbox will become a paid feature again, so if you miss out, you will have to pay during the week to use it. 

For help click here to contact us