Messianic Singles 24/7 Chat Groups

We have a few chat services

  1. One On Telegram and you can see the link to the left or elsewhere depending on whether or not you use a computer or device.
  2. Click Here To Download*
  3. Another On an app called "Discord" we don't like the name, but we like what it can do... So if you don't like it use Telegram
  4. Click Here To Download**

Anyway, You know how you go to the chat room in the hope of finding someone online to chat with, but no one is online?
Or how we have group events, but you have to go somewhere?
So you keep missing out?
No more. Avoid missing out.
Now you can chat with like-minded believers near you and/or around the world via Our Discord Server.

Get Ready For The Launch The First Week Of Next Month

Step 1 Get The Discord app for your phone, computer or another device at

Step 2 Contact User Jannie for the secret invitation link
Click Here To Contact Jannie or reply to any email from us for the link

Make sure your phone is off when you sleep (or work) or put it on silent to make sure you have no interruptions.
Same rules apply as for website to chat room.