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How do you become a VIP?

Three easy steps:

  1. have a profile picture of your face.

  2. have any active premium membership (Click Here To Get One)

  3. Ask your friends to rate your profile

Anyway, you are probably wondering who are those VIP people that get everything (that we promote elsewhere) for free?

As you tag along with me, let me tell you the story.
You know how you join those other "free" dating sites and then you discover the people are not messianic or the majority of the profiles are not responding to your messages?

There are many reasons for that. One reason is that people create profiles simply because it is free and after having 15 or 17 of them, they forget where they signed up and never go back to them.
Another reason is they died or got married or forgot their email password and had to create a new one and never get your messages.

So to 
save you time we created VIP Messianic members. This is real people who have active profiles. They also have ratings, which means someone actually talked/interacted with them. They also put their money where their mouth is. So it is unlikely that they have a profile here and forgot about it like on those other sites.

This means you are very likely to get a real person to chat with quickly.

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