Do you work for free? Why not?

I get this question a lot in different forms, like these:
  1. "Could you please explain to me how you justify charging people money for joining your group?" or
  2. "The website used to be free, why isn't it anymore?"
It is an interesting question and I just don't know how to answer it ... because it can mean more than one thing.
  1. First, it could mean, the person might just want to know if the website is worth the money. (Which I understand completely and It is a good question and I am happy to answer that. I am making a video to help with this so please ask to be notified when it is done.)
  2. Second, it could mean, the person doesn't want to contribute. (Person is a Taker / Scammer which I explain below)
  3. I don't know what else since they hardly answer as you will see below. But if you know please let me know, what else it could mean?
For example, I don't go to the manager at Walmart and ask him this type of questions.
I don't ask that at the fuel station either. So it is strange that people ask us that??
Imagine you go into a store and you ask a manager or any other worker there: "Could you please explain to me how you justify charging people money for the lovely product you sell here?" 

Anyway, the website used to be free but too many scammers (usually broke people) got on it, we have to charge to keep them off. By the way, I got these questions when we charged only $5 a month (before May 1, 2017 ). (6 months @ $30=$5 a month)
$5 a month is almost free, isn't it?

Anyway, Once we had a special and someone said it just cost too much.

xxx (Name changed) wrote us: "I think your way overpriced!!?!"

My response was:
Shalom XXX,
Thanks for taking the time to write us. It is because of such great users like you that we can have the opportunity to serve the Kingdom even better.
So $2.5 a month seem overpriced to you? (12 months @ $30=$2.5 a month) How far are we apart? How much would be reasonable for you?"

Then he didn't even respond.  I understand that one should budget and be responsible for your money. I also understand it is usually a person that can't keep a job that asks questions like that. 

Do you want to marry someone like that? He will expect you to do everything for him.

You see they think their work is not up to standard and they should not get paid for it so they sabotage themselves. They give bad work and then wonder why people fire them. Either that or they just want to take advantage (scam) our members.

Anyway, So I get it that there are broke people out there that think we should do all the work involved with a website and just hand it to them for free. (Is it wise to be on a dating site if you can't even support yourself?)

So why do we charge for our work?
There are many reasons for that; to name just a few:
  1. The most obvious reason is to protect our members from people that prey on others like parasites. Scammers are parasites, are they not? So when you charge even a small fee the parasites (scammers included) backs off. As you can clearly see from their responses above. That way the contributing members of this society get to enjoy other socially responsible people and avoid awkward situations with TAKERS (Scammers).
  2. Most of our problems come from free users. If you were ever scammed, think about it who scammed you? Was it a TAKER or a Giver?
  3. Maybe we receive money for the same reason that you work and expect pay? Do you work for free?
  4. Maybe it is because we have to pay for everything we have on the site? Do you know how much people charge us for hosting, programming, designing? What is our internet bill a month? Is that free?
  5. When you are an A player, C players (Takers/ Scammers) want to piggyback on you and you have to get them off your back somehow. An easy way to do that is to charge them.
If this doesn't make sense to you, please feel free to leave. This website is only for contributing members of society and they understand this type of logic. Parasites usually end up with other parasites because contributing members usually avoid them so they have no chance of marrying them anyway. Parasites will just waste your time and even if they trick someone into marrying them it usually doesn't last long.

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