How To Rate A Messianic Singles Profile

Go to VIP Members (Click Here) and click on a VIP's name (it's blue) and it will open the VIP profile. Then you click on one of the stars and it will show your rating of their profile. (S)He can then send you a message and you can reply for free. See picture for example.

What Do You Get From Rating Messianic Singles?

Benefits of Rating Someone's Profile:
  1. You get something to talk about (Ice Breaker). Example: He see you rated him 5 and send you a thank you message and ask what could I do to get a higher rating? Then you can say, "I could give you an 8 if you had more information on your profile" or something like that.
  2. Save Time. He now knows your profile are still in use and you are responsive. Save both of you time, since some people have profiles but hardly respond to anything.
  3. Fun! Because you can interact with a real person and not just someone who sit and never responds. Most people wait for the other person to do or say something first. Then both sit and wait and nobody does anything.
  4. More people near you. From time to time we host competitions. Where we advertise and promote the website to draw more people in the area of the person with the highest rating.
  5. Free Message Replies for Free members.